Castleray is a diversified holding company that owns and manages businesses and real estate. Castleray businesses deliver exceptional products and services for each of their niche markets, and Castleray properties provide high-quality tenancy to individuals and businesses.


Castleray is governed by a seasoned board of directors that provides direction to the corporation and advice to the management team. The management team is comprised of an investment team that focuses on capital allocation, and an operating team that manages Castleray companies and real estate.


Castleray combines capital, innovation and exceptional employees to exceed customer expectations and deliver superior results. Castleray is proud of its many employees who are dedicated to their customers and communities. We believe the combination of good ideas, humility, honesty, hard-work, and capital creates superior long-term results. We are long-term thinkers and challenge ourselves and the organization to focus on the health of our companies and real estate over the long-haul.


Headquarters, business facilities and real estate are located as follows.